Contingent liability


Rules for borrowing

Welcome to Örebro University Library!

Everyone over the age of 18 may apply for a library card.

Your library card

Use the library card:

  • For borrowing, renewals and reservations
  • To book a group room
  • To search the library databases or use the library's other online services outside campus (only for students, doctoral students and staff at Örebro University)
  • To request interlibrary loans, ie. materials from another library (only for students, doctoral students and staff at Örebro University)
  • When you log on to library computers (only non-students).


Loans and returns are made at the self-service stations. The receipt shows the loan period, and you can also find it in the library catalogue under the heading My loans. You are obliged to return the book in time. Receipt of return should be saved for 6 months. The loan period may be extended through the library catalogue if the book is not reserved.

If a book is out on loan you can reserve it yourself in the library catalogue. A book that has been reserved is placed on one of the open shelves by the front counter, where you collect it and then borrow it in the usual way. Reserved books are to be collected within four days.

As the books are sorted by surname some patrons may choose to have their reserved books on closed shelves.

My reserved books should be placed on closed shelves.

Loan periods and overdue fines

Course literature: There is a 7-day loan period for all classes of borrowers. The overdue fine is 10 SEK per book per day.

Other literature: There is a 21-day loan period for students and the public. The overdue fine is 5 SEK per book per day for students and the public. There is a 60-day loan period for teachers, researchers and doctoral students. This long term loan is shortened if the book is reserved by someone else. The guaranteed loan period is 21 days.

The library will send out a reminder when the loan period is due to expire, as well as reminders on overdue books. This is a service, and the library has no obligation to do so. Students at Örebro University will have their reminders sent to their student emails. NOTE: The student mail is in operation even after completed studies. Other borrowers will have their reminders sent to the email address specified in the loan application. If no e-mail address is specified, the reminder will be sent by post. If you change address, you are obliged to update your details through Studentforum. If you are not a student, you change your details through the library.

If a book has not been returned within 60 days, you will be liable to pay a compensation cost. The cost of the book, as well as a service fee is invoiced. See library price list for further information. When you have a total sum of a 100 SEK in overdue fees, your borrowing card will be blocked, and you will not be able to borrow, renew loans or reserve books until you clear your debt.

Lost university card

Should you lose your university card, block it through Studentforum. If you lose your library card, contact the library to have it blocked.

Inter-library loans

Books and articles which the library does not carry can be borrowed from other libraries both in Sweden and elsewhere by students, doctoral students and Örebro University staff. Inter-library borrowing is intended only for the purposes of research or study. Literature which is a part of our own stock is not to be ordered from another library. You order an inter-library loan on the library's website.

Books: Inter-library loans from other Nordic countries are free of charge. Articles and certain other material are charged according to a price list.

Distance students

There is a special loan service for distance students. The loan period for course literature (7 days) is extended with 6 further days to allow for postal services.


Your library card is a personal document of value and only you yourself may use it. The library is bound by Ch. 9, § 22, of the Official Secrets Act (1980:100) with regard to information in the register concerning private individuals' loans, reservations and other types of orders. The library's processing of personal data follows the Personal Data Act (1998:204). You yourself can collect a book reserved for you if you agree to its being placed on an open shelf. You can choose this when you apply for a library card on the library's website. A reserved book not placed on an open shelf can be collected at the front counter.

Library etiquette

The library's computers are only to be used in accordance with SUNET's ethical rules ( You must not deface the library's literature in any way. Cellphones and laptops must be switched off in the quiet reading room on the first floor. Except in the cafeteria, no food is to be consumed in the library.

More detailed information about the library's rules for borrowing, together with a price list, is to be found on the library's website, Updates of the rules for borrowing are to be found here, and it is your responsibility to check on them.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with staff at the front counter or the information desk.


If you have read and understood our rules of borrowing, and agree to abide by the terms declared therein, press the [Accept] button below.